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Our Sales Hiring platform helps attract sales talent by increasing visibility and equity of your Talent Brand and help generate relevant leads all while building your online brand reputation.

In order to achieve and maintain a solid and prosperous business, you have to make sure that loyal, trusty, dedicated and hard-working employees surround you. This rule is even more prominent for your sales team, as every single action of your sales force can trigger a pronounced increase or decrease in your profits! Thus, during the process of recruiting new members for your business development teams, you should account for a wide range of personal traits and abilities in your future employees. 


Sales Hiring 4.O is a platform aimed to boost brand visibility and drive candidates to jobs by assisting the reputation of a business within job portals and career pages. It helps foster a debate by enhancing conversation and “influencing the influencer”.


We understand that apart from a satisfactory professional training level, your sales professional should have good communication, interaction, negotiation and decisional skills. These traits can only be revealed during job interviews and testing periods. Elaborate individual evaluations are very time-consuming and few hiring managers can afford the luxury to personally assist in the process of recruiting new sales employees. 

We have developed the Sales Hiring 4.0 methodology to help you build a qualified pipeline of sales professionals throughout the year, we will help you find well-trained sales professionals with minimal time and effort. 

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Sales Hiring 4.0 involves understanding the nature of your business and the exact profile of the sales persons you need in order to complete your business team. According to your instructions, we will then take care of every single aspect of the recruitment process, frequently providing you with feedback regarding the progress of the recruitment program. You will quickly start to receive appliances from well-trained professionals, allowing you to choose the sales persons that best fit your business. You also have the freedom to access the database of contacts at any time, in order to find the best candidates for your offered job vacancies. 


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