Our Platform


Digital Recruiter is the melting pot of Talent Acquisition and Digital Transformation. We converged to create a platform with a goal of providing digital solutions that helps jobseekers, employers and organizations get the best out of recruitment programs, job searches and talent pools.

The platform aids recruiters and jobseekers with the power of social, analytics and automation to better engage on career choices as they digitally interact with other jobseekers, professionals and hiring managers in a social platform that refines the most trending and best relevant leads.

Social Interaction 

Through our platform's social and online interaction capabilities job seekers, recruiters and leaders can connect informally to create networks that, in time, will become valuable to each one.This is also a gateway for talents with leadership potential to be exposed to career opportunities; and for leaders to discover potential candidates that they can mentor and train.

Analytical Capability 

Platform's predictive analytics tool enable recruiters enhance their application leads for job posts by using relevant keywords to further refine the searches.


Through the platform’s recruitment evaluation system, Recruiters can evaluate themselves against their previous search campaigns, their ability for online searches using our tools, and learn the skills for further efficiency in keywords, candidate searches and hiring the right people for job posts.


We offer clients cost-efficient recruitment methodologies and tools that make hiring campaigns easier to handle, therefore cost-efficient as well as effective in selecting the right candidates. Our One-Stop-Shop platform totally nails the job board concept with new technologies in keywords, analytics and automated candidate tracking system.

Our mission is to maximize the potential of digital technologies and innovations applied in recruitment and hiring programs on a platform scale. We believe that recruitment through enhanced technologies companies and organizations have a better chance in tapping into the employment market for candidates with true leadership potential, and through the leadership hiring tools of the platform, it’s easier to address the diverse needs of organizations, zeroing on talents that are fully developed to meet company requirements and needs.

We align digital technologies and innovations to better serve companies in seeking talents, and for talents to have a better venue to present their personal brand for career advancement and potentials. The platform combines the tools of technology and recruitment strategies and campaigns to serve both ends of the employment scale; potential candidates, companies and organizations seeking talents who will facilitate their growth and expansion.