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Digital Recruiter (DR) Academy

Programs designed to give a clear, professionally delivered development opportunity for career in marketing, recruitment, Human Capital Consulting and business administration.

At Digital Recruiter, we pride ourselves on the digital, human resource, marketing, finance, business administration and recruitment career pathway that we have in place starting at the Grassroots level all the way to the Top with our Ninja squads.

The same philosophy is used from the bottom tier all the way to the top ensuring that our consultants being shown the same skills, techniques and style from the very beginning of their career. This is a critical step in the early stages to assist our grassroots in being ready to move through the programs.

International Projects

Paid Assignments

Freelance Consulting 

All of our training staff are fully qualified with the required certifications and requirements to participate in their respective roles. Each trainer has a specific goal each year and is reviewed throughout the year.


The coaches are fully qualified and are specifically chosen for their ability to teach at this elite level and also taking in mind the experience of the participants that they are dealing with.

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The program is run over a 3-week structure with a specific curriculum that is designed to teach the participants the necessary skills, techniques and learnings that is needed to succeed at a high level. Though it is not just the on the job project structure that is key but also the attitude, behaviour and drive from the participants themselves.

To be involved in the DR Academy, assessments are held at the end of each month and the highest performers in each category are selected to attend the boot camps to train and learn with the best of the lot in professional environment.

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