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Digital Recruiter is proud to introduce reckrut, A Cloud-based platform that enables Recruiters to completely eliminate wasteful calling of candidates and get to only those candidates that are interested.

Reach-out faster

“How to effectively reach-out to candidates and not waste time calling again and again?”


“How to strongly convey employer brand and articulate job role to attract right candidates?”


“How to reduce back-n-forth with the hiring managers and achieve firsttime- right profile submissions?”

Product Features

Custom Record

Record Opening Message, Job Description and Questions in your own voice or choose Reckrut's default

Instant Calls

Make instant calls to 100s of condidates at a time ensuring high coverage and quick turnaround

Schedule Calls

Schedule calls when candidates are most likely to respond and recruiters are not likely to be working

Auto Follows

Set auto-follows so that you can reach candidates who did not answer earlier increasing your output

Question Bank

Choose from 1000s of questions from Reckrut's library with answers. Add your questions on request

Call Status

Get live updates on candidates responding to your calls and their interest

Call Analytics

Know who responded at what time with what interest level, so you know what works

Audio Interview

Get audio interview and judge competency, communication skills and overall fitment

Call Again

Call-again allows you to call specific or set of selected conadidates as and when you wish, as per relevant status

How Does it Benefit?


Time saving

Average time of 2-3 hours to reach-out to 25 candidates can be done in 10 minutes, without making a single call!



All sourced candidates can be covered easily without missing on good candidates due to limited time!



Convey standardized employer branding and make articulated & impactful job pitches to candidates



It becomes easier to screen candidates on same questions increasing chances of First-Time-Right

How Does it Works?

1. Create Cell

Define Campaign, Record Call, Upload Candidate data

2. Set Cell

Choose preferred time to call, Set Follow-up calls

3. Screen Responses

Check Answers, Check Ranking, Forward Audios

  • Create call flows for multiple types of candidate calling including a Chatbot
  • Sends SMS & Emails in addition to calls
  • Provides recommendations on impactful scripts for opening message and job overview
  • Lets you know who responded and who did not
  • Auto follows up with candidates who could not respond
  • Presents opportunity to interview when candidates call back
  • Shows you analytics of your team’s usage
  • Gives you analytics of all recruiters on the platform
  • You can select questions from the library or record custom questions
  • Invite candidates via their CVs or upload any type of excel list (including Job Board excels)
  • Make instant calls or schedule them; choose auto follow-ups or set custom
  • Forward profile with their CVs and Audio Profile together
  • Gives you Text of the audio along with Communications score

Talent Acquisition (TA) Templates

cold calling

First time reach-out to check interest and get few questions

Interview Schedular

Communicate venue, set reminders, confirm presence or reschedule

Get Confirmations

Confirm in Yes or a No for multiple things; interest, availability, joining etc

Quick Assessments

Confirm in Yes or a No for upto 4 questions; basic screening

Talent Management (TM)Templates










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